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Presenting our Halal Favourites!

Ciao! Are you ready to taste something fantastic this weekend? Yes? Well, we are equally excited to share with you what we have in store! Hint - it’s halal. As we believe good food is not just a necessity but a way of life, today we bring to you the best halal meat selection that is fresh and of the highest quality. Get your grills out & kitchen ready cause here comes a set of deliciousness you cannot miss!

Our Halal Selection

Lamb is red meat from young sheep and can help you prepare and serve a beautiful feast to your guest. A definite must try recipe: Agnello con le olive! A traditional Italian dish that's prepared using lamb + black olives as the main ingredient along with fresh onions, tomatoes, garlic, rosemary, and olive oil, add in some seasonings and in a few simple steps, Voila! A protein-rich supper is ready.

Our Milk-fed veal is tender, tasty and available in a host of cuts for every kitchen masterpiece! A culinary favourite that is fresh and of such supreme quality, you will forever cherish the experience. We say it is the perfect meat option to prepare a delicious Italian delicacy, Cotoleta Alla Milanese for dinner and enjoy with family and friends.

| 3. Chicken |

Planning a dinner for two but want to go fancy too? Well, then you must try the fabulous Chicken Cacciatore! Easy to prepare and loaded with fresh veggies, now that is what we call a healthy meaty dinner!

With the delightful Bresaola, Salame Milano Beef, and Spicy Salami Spianata in presence, you cannot miss out on an opportunity to prepare a flavourful beef charcuterie. Add in a selection of fresh Italian fruits along with the king of cheese Parmigiano Rigano PDO, and there you have it, a platter so perfect, that everyone is going to enjoy and talk about all night!

All this Halal option, need we say more on what you can plan and prepare this weekend? Try our latest collection of halal favourites and experience meat like no other time! Why go out when you can cook restaurant-style dishes loaded with flavour in the comfort of your own?!

At Casinetto, we believe in serving the best, and we make sure to bring in the products of the highest quality from Italy and the whole of Europe to your dinner table.

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Buon Appetito

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